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Our mission

We create digital platforms aimed at achieving your business goals. A team of 50 intellectuals, among whom developers, designers and marketers combine knowledge and experience in solutions that profit companies and benefit clients.

Site, mobile application, digital marketing and design are tools that will build a profitable company with a constant and predictable flow of customers from the Internet.

Our history

What did we start with?


This year we began to build our own IT brand KATASIS. The creation of the direction began with the absorption of a successful team of programmers who had difficulties with finding and accompanying clients. 6 months later we opened our own office.

What have we done for?


The total number of employees in our office has exceeded 20 people. Also this year we were nominated in the category “IT discovery of the year”. This year has become for us a year of customer service and sales department systematization.

What have we achieved?


We have created our own CRM and more than 50 agile websites for individual entrepreneurs and corporate needs. More than 10 of our mobile apps are available in the App Store and Google Play.

What are our further goals?


It has become a year of “production” business processes optimization. More than 120 successfully implemented IT projects and almost double expansion of the office complex. And here we do not plan to stop!

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Tell us about your project

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