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The Gypset Girl

About project

The Gypset Girl is a platform that was created to offer customers the best choice of clothing from novice designers. It also shares inspiration through feature articles and reviews. The client can easily get acquainted with both the personalities of new designers and their collections. Also, the site works as an online store, that is, the visitor can not only view fashion catalogs, and buy your favorite thing in one click. It is for this purpose that our designers and web developers have created convenient order forms.
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New Arrivals

In this section of the site the user can get acquainted with new products that appear in the store. Photos of new additions are displayed in a convenient slider, which you can browse by clicking the mouse.

The Blog page is located at the bottom of the page. The user can read new information and advertising articles published on the site in an interactive form. Additional information content accompanies the fastest promotion of the site in search engines and social networks.

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Colors and fonts

Two basic fonts have been selected for the website: Gill Sans and Playfair Display. Gill Sans font is chosen because it is easier for the human eye to read the font without notches. Therefore, this font has become the main font for all the text information on the site: articles, product descriptions, additional data.

Playfair Display font is sharp and clear. Our designers use it in places where it is necessary to draw the attention of the visitor to specific information and focus on it.

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About Design

The site looks stylish and bright, thanks to the use of color contrasts. The basic colors of the resource are white, gray, black and red. They create a favorable background for the presentation of the product catalog.

Dividing the site into blocks visually differentiates the main categories. The site looks bright and not overloaded. Therefore, the user easily navigates and quickly finds the necessary sections.

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With the help of this section, visitors can get acquainted with the main collections of designers and choose the favorite thing. The slider is the easiest way to present a product. More information about the assortment can be found by clicking on the link below the product or by clicking on its image. Note that the white icons of goods contrast favorably with the dark background of the site and attract the attention of visitors.
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We have created a convenient order form. Here the user can specify all the necessary contact details and get additional information about the order. Separately, we have highlighted the product card. This is convenient for the buyer because he can see what goods he buys, in what color and size. Additionally, these parameters are specified in text boxes. Then the user places an order, pays for it and is happy to wait for his delivery.
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The result of our work is a bright and convenient online catalog. With the help of which customers can easily get acquainted with the assortment of the store, see new collections of famous and little-known designers, as well as read about new fashion trends. We also made a convenient form for ordering - the buyer will not get confused and choose the desired thing. And the stylish design of the site will make even casual visitors stay on the site longer. Do you want to create your own unique project? Please contact us, we have the inspiration and knowledge to translate your idea into reality.

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