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What is user friendly design?

The interface is a kind of “bridge” between the user and the system. Using the interface, the user will be able to explain to the system what he wants from it, and the system will do it. But what happens if this understanding between the machine and the person is not achieved? The user simply leaves the site. This is how Internet users behave according to the Online Marketing Institute:

  • 85% can leave the website if they do not like the interface design;
  • 83% will leave the website if they are forced to do a lot of clicks to find what they need;
  • 40% will never return to the website if it was difficult for them to use it for the first time.

User Friendly Design

The importance of user friendly design services

  1. Aesthetically appealing interface. Design elements and colours will be selected in accordance with the concept of the application.
  2. Simplicity and clearness of use. People will easily understand how to interact with the interface.
  3. Consistency. Elements that act equally need to give consistency. This will facilitate the use of the application.

User friendly design is an important part of the interface. With its help, the program and the user contact most effectively. Contact KATASIS web studio and we will develop the most convenient user friendly design!

User Friendly Design Development

User friendly interface web design should:

  • be intuitive. If a person doesn’t understand how to use an application or opens a website, then pressing a few seconds on various buttons at random will be disappointed and leave the resource. Most likely forever.
  • be predictable. In other situations, predictability can be a boring and uninteresting characteristic, but not on the interface. The user, having looked at this or that interface element, should immediately understand how he will behave in the case of interaction.
  • be minimalistic. In an effort to place as many categories, menus, buttons, etc. in the interface as possible, you will only cause him great harm. Too cluttered interface is a big obstacle to its understanding by the user.
  • load quickly. Slow loading of the interface will annoy and repel the user, causing him to increasingly dislike the resource. Make sure that the download speed is optimal for its comfortable use. To a large extent, this is due to the previous point - after all, the less “heavy” elements on the site, the faster it will load.
  • show all important options. Use drop-down lists and menus is better only where this can not be avoided. In other cases, try to immediately show the user all its capabilities.
  • be able to communicate with the user. The point is that the user must understand what his action is currently being processed by the system. The process of sending a message must be accompanied by the display of the phrase “the message is being sent”, and the end of this process - “the message has been sent”.
  • be attractive. Any user will be much nicer to deal with the interface, which, among other things, also pleases the eye.
  • enable personalization. Personalization is the ability to customize something “for yourself”.

User Friendly Design Services

What do we need for designing a user friendly website?

  1. Clear definition of your goals. To create an interface that will perform the tasks assigned to it, first these tasks must be clearly defined and formulated. What is the true purpose of the interface? What kind of user problems should be solved?
  2. User stories writing. Any interface design is designed to interact with the user. Therefore, we define user requirements and scenarios, taking into account the context of working with the system in order to design the right, working interface. No matter how stylish and modern the design is, it is of little use if the user cannot easily interact with the system.
  3. Interface design. To test user scripts in practice, we create wireframes and prototypes. Thanks to the quick implementation, they make it easy to detect interface flaws and quickly make the necessary changes to the navigation scheme and initial structure, without being distracted by the nuances in the design.
  4. Creating a professional design. Having a ready prototype in the form of airframes, our designer can fully concentrate on the creative concept of interface design. The designer will select the visual style and color scheme, draw the shapes, margins and buttons, taking into account current trends and customer wishes.

User Friendly Design Companies

3 reasons to order user friendly website design in KATASIS

  1. We keep the balance. We are chosen because we are obsessed with a unique design and do not offer trivial solutions. We approach each project with soul, trying to find the best embodiment for your idea.
  2. We create shamelessly. We freely feel in any stylistic direction. We are constantly engaged in the trend potting, so we are well-versed in current trends in the field of web design. We will show you which solution is universal and which ideas will quickly go out of fashion.
  3. We suffer from chronic perfectionism. We know that there are no unimportant trifles - every element, even the smallest, play a role and has its purpose. We draw all the details of the website in accordance with the general creative concept. We know how to set accents and know how to manage the user's attention.

User Friendly Design Company

User friendly design development by KATASIS

When developing an interface, remember that excessive attention to one characteristic can significantly harm another. By removing some elements in order to achieve minimalism, you can create problems with the user understanding the interface. By embodying the characteristics of an attractive design, you run the risk of overdoing and make the interface too heavy to load quickly. Therefore, the most important (and most difficult) in this whole story is to observe the perfect balance of all properties of the interface, and then it will be truly user-friendly. Professional-quality user-friendly design company KATASIS knows how to achieve results.


Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии! Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы.
Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии!

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Tell us about your project

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