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What imaginary character for the website means?

A virtual character for the website represents the image of the company. Cartoon character for website explains definite tasks and objectives of the website or the whole company. It strengthens the brand significantly. A character for the website — is a generalized but at the same time realistic description of the typical target product user, in other words, archetype. Cartoon character for the website is not a living being, but it must be described as such. An animated character should not represent every aspect of its life, but the main focus should be on certain characteristics, which influence product development.

Creating a unique character for a website is considered one of the most complicated tasks of graphic design. An imaginary cartoon character for a company must be unique, must have the highest quality of the smallest details, which are able to brighten up the client’s website.

Character Development Website

A service of creating a graphic design with imaginary characters has recently gained popularity as such a strategic move brings a significant profit. Once created animated character for the website is able to speak to clients, be presented in commercials or advertisement posters, it can work 24 hours a day and no one has to pay him a salary.

Virtual character’s functions:

  • virtual assistant on the company’s website
  • an advisor for customers
  • a technical support agent
  • a virtual salesperson
  • a promotion agent

character development website

Why does your business need creating a character for a website?

It is quite simple. This approach gives a significant commercial effect — with small time and money investments on character creation for a website, as an outcome, the company receives a web platform, which continuously attracts more clients so that more orders and calls come in every day. Many web studios drop this stage to save finances and jump to the technical assignment and website design right away. But anyway a saying “a cheapskate pays twice” is especially true in this case. Instead of having a ready-made tool for working with customers, a client receives a meaningless picture, which is published online. Such a website doesn’t bring any result at all as customers are unable to find the necessary information or goods on the website and as a result, they don’t make any orders.

animated character for website

Why a cartoon character for the website can be useful?

To create a character for a website — is a great decision if your aim is to convey important information to your potential customers. The user usually reads about 20% of webpage content. The information perception from a virtual character assistant is up to 75%.

The whole process of creating an animated character for a website is agreed with a client. The cost of character building for a website can be calculated with the help of our web-analysts.

Animated Character For Website

What should we pay special attention during website character development?

Important is to figure out from the start what your character should be like, what his character would be like and what actions he is able to perform. The crucial factor concerning website character development, would be its target audience and getting directly to the point, who is he, your deeply loved customer… A curious child? A bored grown-up? Wiggly gamer-boy? Or maybe a glamorous girl in a search for amusement?

Formulate an answer to those questions and make a decision, who will live on your website pages. What cartoon character for your website will find the best fit there. As an entertainment teenager portal will have a funny and stylish teenager or a couple on skateboards in the fashionable outfit, ready to glamorously pose any time, as the best fit.

On an internet store website, which sells office stationery supplies, they risk to be “slightly” inappropriate and won’t help achieve the target goal. Here the character website drawing of non-living objects will be most suitable. A funny popeyed pencil or a flirty pen. One of the most useful implications of animated website character is a virtual assistant or a salesperson. He can be granted an artificial intellect and answer the customers’ questions. The only picture, when you enter an online shop, you will be met by a beautiful lady, answering all of your questions with pleasure and helps you figure out how to get familiar with a new interface. Give her a name, make her charming, having an expressive nature, ability to react to everything in her own special way and she will win the hearts of your customers, part of which will go to your shop as well.

animated character for website

Where an animated character for the website should be placed?

Its permanent place of residence can be fixed in a definite page part or it can flexibly change its location, appearing above the content. Usually, such flexible cartoon website characters are realized with flash and are well animated. They perform their actions in a cycle until you stop them (if there is an integrated possibility for it) to ask a question or interact with it. You can foresee a lot of funny reactions on user’s actions and be confident, that a bunch of users will go to your website only for scratching the ear of the funny creature or to make a conversation with a simplistic person.

How to switch the attention from an animated talking character of your website to something more useful — is the second task, and you will have several options of possible solutions. Awaken interest, intrigue the guest and don’t forget to give him something to come back for one more or multiple times.

character development website costs

When should you order service of creating a graphic design with imaginary characters?

The answer is “the earlier the better”. It goes without saying, that characters should be based upon the research of the users, in order to be absolutely precise and represent the real users of the final product. Ideally, the process of creating a character for a website should be a part of the product research before the actual process of design and development begins. All the actions of your animated talking character for your website must be based upon factual aggregated data, received from real customers’ actions.

service of creating graphic design with imaginary characters

Creating an animated talking character for your website at KATASIS

Creating an animated talking character is better done in a team, not because it is complicated, but because you receive more support for further use. To initiate a process of website character creation, we start with the definition of features of users, observed in the users analysis. Next, we group those characteristics into clusters. If the clusters seem very similar, we combine them and eliminate any attributes, which seem less meaningful for the business. After the emerging of the separate clusters, we add details to make animated talking character for your website more realistic, credible and memorable.


Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии! Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы.
Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии!

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