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Seo-audit or SEO-analysis is a superior method to resolve what prevents the website from a high position in search engines. Problems can be found both in the title tags, and in serious shortcomings in the site code. A well-designed audit can help you decide how to make your site more search engine friendly. This will give you a better place for your keywords, new would-be clients and a bigger profit for your enterprise.

The way to building a strong presence on the Internet begins with the improvement of the site. Building a friendly website to search engines is the first move towards improvement. Website reorganization begins with an audit.

Good Seo

Various internal and external aspects exist that should be examined for website optimization. Seo-audit will aide to diagnose many problems that may not allow your site to be displayed in organic search results properly.

Certified seo services: what Internet projects need audit?

  • Sites that are currently advancing, but have not achieved the required indicators for positions or traffic. The audit will be aimed at finding the mistakes made in the internal optimization and in the activities on the reference mass. A correct promotion scheme will be developed, in the course of which the promotion of the site will yield the necessary results.
  • Sites for which it is impossible to develop a promotion scheme without carrying out a deep analysis of subjects, competitors, business model. Examples of such projects: startups, portals, broad sites with a complex architect and a huge semantic core.
  • Sites that are just starting to work, which need to fix technical mistakes, carry out internal optimization for search engines, advertising strategy development.

Seo Services

Not just a long list of problems

Our audit will not only provide you with a list of requiring problems, it will explain these problems and suggest further actions. Many enterprisers ask us to eliminate the difficulties identified as a result of auditing, so we created a special category of SEO service, we noticed that you can apply improvements to any web developers.

We will supply you with instructions on every specific problem, which permit you specifying the best course for moving forward. We do not willing you to only figure out the sticking-points, we strive for your understanding what exactly and why it isn’t working properly, and most importantly, what needs to be done to correct.

Professional Seo

What does seo-audit include?

  • We will compile a wide list of key phrases based on the data of the search engines.
  • Distribute the list of key phrases for semantic groups.
  • Every semantic group will select the best landing page for your site.
  • Define the site's positions throughout the list of requests in Google.
  • Check whether there are any penalties imposed by the search engine on the site.
  • Suggest optimal schemes for forming meta tags and page headers.
  • Check the uniqueness of the content on the site. Provide propositions on optimization of text content.
  • Suggest a better way to generate URLs.
  • We will give you tips on how to relink pages.
  • Check the pages of the site in a secondary Google index. We will propose a method for their elimination.
  • We will provide recommendations for troubleshooting errors found in Google Webmaster Tools.

Digital Marketing

  • Check if there is identical content on the site.
  • We will compile a list of broken links.
  • We will study the definiteness of server responses, relinks and page-in. Specify what to fix.
  • Generate the best robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • We will analyze the links of the project by dozens of parameters.
  • We will compile a list of references from “substandard” donors, which we advise you to delete.
  • We will give recommendations on the acquisition of new links.

Seo-audit is only the beginning of the process

There are a huge number of aspects affecting the ranking of the site in organic search results. You can't control them all. Nevertheless, seo-audit will reveal insights into aspects that you can manage. Importantly, it will give you the opportunity to identify the actual problems of your site.Eliminating these problems will significantly affect website effectiveness in search results. Traffic will increase noticeably.

Fundamental principle of any successful, long-term strategy of seo-promotion is the definition of sections of the site that require advancement, in combination with deep study of keywords.

Professional Seo Services

SEO-promotion services

Search Engine Optimization is a lay-out to optimize web resource in accordance with the requirements of search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex etc.) to upgrade its position in search results. Usually, SEO is implemented to increase traffic, engage would-be clients, branding and, therefore, the subsequent monetization of web-resource.

Seo Audit

Search engine optimization

SEO appertains to rank of broad boost methodology that works both for branding and sales. Nevertheless, we can differentiate 5 usual purposes towards which business starts to cooperate with the optimization of the site for search engines:

  1. Traffic quantity enlargement of would-be customers.
  2. Positive appearing image forming
  3. Encourage loyalty from the target audience
  4. Monitoring the info on the behavior and likings of would-be clients.
  5. Increase the conversion coefficient, stimulate profit growth.


Search optimization methodology

Nowadays, SEO refers to the group of leading cost-based and longstanding channels for attracting traffic, but it is not that notable considering its efficiency. This is over the amount of actions that involve both the preparation of the web resource code and the purchase of links on themed portals to increment website citation ratio.

Seo Services And Websites

Should be done for your website optimization

  • Stuffing the web-resource with themed content including reserved words (user requests);
  • Optimization of code and internal content to increase the load speed and operation of the web resource;
  • Configuring caching and compression of data both from the client side and from the server side;
  • Adaptation of the web-resource for portable devices processing of the structure and styling, code shortening, exclusion of unnecessary code aspects);
  • Website conformity assessment checking for errors, inactive tags and cross-reference with acceptance criteria of search engines;
  • Development of internal files of the system (sitemaps.xml, robot.txt, etc.), required for intercommunion with search engines;
  • The arrangement of internal linking between the website pages to upgrade the easiness of navigation for users on the website;
  • Adjustment or creating meta-tags essential to index access by search engines.

Effective Seo

The external search optimization methodology

  • Internet resource enrollment in subject directories (Google My Business, Yandex. Catalog);
  • links exchanging and purchasing on thematic portals to increase the reference list;
  • promotion through PR (publishing press releases, news material, articles, etc.);
  • SMM (increasing company community relief);
  • crowd marketing goods advertisement through proposals mention of the dialogue attendee in forums, social classes etc.
  • development and promotion of satellite websites: corporate websites, weblogs, news portals.

Within a context of SEO promotion, analytical applications like Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrica and other counterparts are planned to install. Indeed, these apps are helpful not just for estimation of promotional efficiency, but also for TA analysis, behavioral factors, personal likings and other information that may encourage sales increase.

Seo Specialist

SEO services company: an agile approach

We use a methodology that is comfortable for you: Waterfall iteration, SCRUM or Agile. We are not frightened of changes on the go and are ready to supply timely communication and information about the stages of the project. If desired, we provide access to the Git version control system and the task-tracker.

Search Engine Optimization

Each client receives a personal, competent project manager who is able to answer most questions. If necessary, a meeting with the participation of specialists and programmers is possible.


Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии! Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы.
Мы весьма радужно проводим наши корпоративы. Особенно, если это годовщина существования нашей любимой студии!

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